DC Comics Releases Rivals – Batman vs The Joker Deck-Building Game


It’s the end-all showdown comic book fans have been waiting for, as DC Comics releases the Deck-building Game Rivals – Batman vs The Joker.

Can the Caped Crusader defeat the Clown Prince of Crime without going mad himself? This two player set has everything any comic book fan needs to settle the score once and for all: 98 game cards, 14 punch cards, 6 vulnerability cards, 60 main deck cards, 8 kick cards, 10 weakness cards, 6 oversized super hero/super-villain cards.

dc_batvsjoker_boxPlayers vie in, adding the right combinations to their decks. When you’re ready, you can launch a direct attack at your enemy. The first player to drop their opponent three times wins the game instantly. As the game moves forward, it becomes increasingly harder to beat their rival each subsequent time. If the main deck runs out, victory points are counted to determine the winner.

The game fully compatible with the Cerberus Game Engine, which is used in the best-selling DC Comics Deck-building Game product line.

Batman and The Joker each come with three oversized character cards. When one is beaten in direct combat, the next card is revealed. The new card will have a increased power and will be harder to take down than the previous card. Block cards may not be enough to protect themselves. This game is no joke.

batman vs the joker game

Source: Cryptozoic