Mark Wahlberg Comments On Jason Momoa As Aquaman

If you watched HBO’s hit comedy series “Entourage” that an Aquaman movie has already exists. James Cameron was the director while actor Vinnie Chase starred in the film. Although this movie took place in the universe of that television show and not in the actual DC Cinematic universe but fortunately Warner Bros./DC has one on the way.

Jason Momoa (Game Of Thrones) will be playing the part of Arthur Curry, better known to us surface-dwellers as Aquaman. The character will play a part in the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice coming in 2016, leading up to his own solo film in 2018.

Collider spoke with Mark Wahlberg, producer of Entourage, in promotion for his latest film titled The Gambler. Collider took this opportunity to speak with Wahlberg about the DC Cinematic version of Aquaman compared to the version featured on Entourage.


Collider: “So now that there’s an Aquaman would you like to take credit from ‘Entourage’? And what do you think about Jason [Momoa] in the role?”

Wahlberg: :No, I don’t take any credit for it. Hopefully it’s going to be great. I just really knew that the Batman movie was happening and the whole Ben Affleck thing was a controversy at first, because they were going to shoot in Detroit right after we were doing ‘Transformers’. I met Zack Snyder a couple times and I like him a lot. And Amy Adams was in the first one, I don’t know if she’s in the second one. But I don’t know anything about it. I won’t know until I see it with the boys. We go to Century City and they’re sitting there sitting they’re sitting there and the trailer comes up and they say “pick it” or “kick it” and if they kick it we’re not going to see it. And now, because you have a tenancy to go to the theater and a lot of things look the same. You may see ten Marvel trailers and a lot of them have a tendency to look the same, so they’re getting a little more picky. Before it was like any kind of action superhero adventure movie came up  wanted to see it. Now they’re getting a little more picky.”

Source(s): Fashion Style