Review: Arrow Season 2.5 #8

by David Hestand III
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Arrow 8_1This issue of Arrow Season 2.5 featured Canary on clean-up crew.  I will admit that a majority of the enjoyment in this issue is seeing Sara alive and well working again.  She goes out to stop the rampaging drugged up Oliver, Felicity is captured by Hogue, Sara checks in with family, and the Suicide Squad is doing some training.


It is a fun time seeing Sara back in action again.  Her dialogue, both as Canary and with her family capture the character well and she feels right back at home.  The cliffhanger is decent as well.  It works off the needed-to-be-addressed issue of maskless Diggle and Felicity.

As a side note, I appreciate (now sort of in retrospect) the Votura mention.  As this released before the Arrow midseason finale it didn’t mean a lot in the issue, but it was secretly a nice shout-out to the herb we’d be meeting in the next week.

NegativesArrow 8_2

While the cliffhanger keeps momentum going, this issue felt like a bit of a stall in other regards.  The worst offender is the mount of recap and exposition that is spent catching Sara up or just talking with Detective Lance.  Several pages feel a bit wasted.  In fact, this is one of the times where the Suicide Squad back-up felt like it really didn’t move forward.

The Verdict

Arrow Season 2.5 hit a bit of a lull, but the series manages to keep feeling relatively strong.


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