Review: The Flash Season 0 #8

by David Hestand III
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Flash 0 8_1This issue featured the end of the Mr. Bliss circus arc and it could not have come sooner.  The Snake Charmer turns on Bliss, and The Flash swooped in to save the spectators from the wounded performer.  We see them locked up and see a mini epilogue that leaves me wondering exactly when The Flash Season 0 takes place in relation to The Flash television series.


The Captain Cold reference at the end was fun.  I doubt we will really see him here due to his importance on the show, but even the little homages are nice.  The characterization felt much more spot-on this time around.  Barry sounds more like Barry than usual, and the S.T.A.R. Labs crew is as enjoyable as ever.

Flash 0 8_2

Wow was this an anticlimactic resolution.  We are treated to six pages of the Snake Charmer’s betrayal, which is a cover for the The Flash getting all of the spectators out.  Then we get two pages of him flaunting that he saved everyone.  Then in the span of two pages all of the performers are in cages and The Flash is punching out Mr. Bliss.  Is the unnamed Snake Charmer the hero, or is this about The Flash?

Also, I never mentioned this earlier, but what is up with Eddie’s coat?  It looks like a letter jacket you get in high school.  This is both a problem with the idea of Eddie wearing something from high school, and a comment on how odd and off the art has been in this series.

The Verdict

The Flash Season 0 ends its first arc like the rest of the story went, uneven and a bit sloppy.  It is a shame how weak this tie-in is compared to the always strong television show.


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