Oliver Queen is Dead

A new promo has come out for the upcoming mid-season premiere of Arrow. With Malcolm Merlyn being the first one to utter the words “Oliver Queen is dead,” you watch his team take the news for the first time. Even in this short teaser you can see the emotional blow that Team Arrow is facing. Without Oliver Queen what is the plan? Does business move as usual or do they take the time to mourn their fallen friend? Resident calm man John Diggle even has to stop and take account. “I don’t know what happens next,” says Dig.


A new face appears among the regulars in the new promo. We get our first look at Vinnie Jones as Danny “Brick” Brickwell. You can definitely hear the crisp and menacing tone of a villain in Jones’ voice. When Brickwell says, “We’re going to take over the Glades” you can feel that the season is going to get even more turbulent.

BC1As we all know the first set of episodes will be setting up Laurel’s transformation into Black Canary. This will be fun to watch and see if people get behind Laurel like they did Sara. The use of “Wildcat” Grant to aid in Laurel’s change was brilliant. It’s nice to see that the team at Arrow is sticking to the source material. How will Blackwildcat Canary play into the new hardened Starling run by Brick? Maybe the ATOM will come save the day as the new hero of Star City. In any case, I’m ready for a visit to the Lazarus pit to see who brings Ollie back from the dead.

Check out the promo below.

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