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Wonder has struck the pages of Injustice as the almighty third to the Trinity returns. Wonder Woman finally awakens to a new world and some rather alarming facts that she doesn’t quite understand.

5Tom Taylor has now officially departed from the project as the powerful throne is given to Brian Buccellato. Though it saddened me to see the great writer relinquish this project, Buccellato has done a great job of picking up where her left off. With the fresh start of Wonder Woman’s return, it feels like the writer is using this issue to establish the story yet again and fill in not only the character about the pervious events but readers as well. It felt as if he was establishing his own style while still keeping to the original scripting. It’s always hard to change writers on a project especially when year three wasn’t even finished by Taylor. I think Buccellato has kept the essence well and done the comic the justice that this popular series deserves. But the real test is how he will write my beloved Gotham crew, that’s when I can make the real judgement.

4Mike.S Miller and J.Nanjan take the issue this week as the constant colors of Injustice brighten up the pages. Wonder Woman and Superman have very classic colors and I’m glad to see how striking these look against the nature and mechanical backgrounds. Usually I praise the artwork of this comic though it was a bit of a hit and miss issue. Ares looked absolutely amazing while some of the panels Diana seemed to miss the mark and she looked rather elongated. I don’t know if Miller was rushed over Christmas but I like my Wonder Woman to look beautiful from every angle.


3Wonder Woman is finally back! For weeks I have been whining about where she was and when she will return and this week I got my answer. I’m so happy to see the feisty amazon back where she belongs and giving hell as usual. I think this is what the comic has been missing, brute force and passion from a woman who cares so much. As much as I’m not a fan of the Superman/Wonder Woman pairing, I know that things will get much more interesting between the two if Superman ever wakes up. Though heaven forbid that Batman crosses a woman scored or should I say that this fight really needs to happen.


2Sadly the artwork let the issue down a bit. It’s usually spot on but what’s with Superman’s chin in the dream? I know it’s chiselled but that’s just huge! Sometimes artists just ignore all logic of anatomy because of dreamscapes but I think that some of the panels in this issue just looked bizarre to me.


Injustice gains a long lost character back in this issue as Wonder Woman is caught up to speed on the years she has missed. But nothing is how she left it and now she wants answers that may not be the ones she wishes to hear. Stay tuned to see if the yellow lanterns can control the amazon princess.




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