Review: Lobo #4

by Max Eber
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Lobo #4 by Cullen Bunn, layouts by Reilly Brown, Nelson De Castro & Vicente Cifuentes on finishes, Alison Borges on art pages 11-13, Matt Yackey & Peter Pantazis on colors, and Travis Lanham on lettering keeps the high action going…and he’s in Metropolis. That means as per last issue, he’s gotta deal with The Boy In Blue. dd

You guessed it, Lobo is going face to face with Superman. Superman, as per a previous meeting wants him off the planet. Lobo wants to shoot him but his new rag tag team, in particular Emily, persuades him not to. Turns out their current hit, a masked Sandman-ish looking dude named Snake Omega has rigged the entire earth with pylons that will destroy it (presumably…) so Superman and Lobo for lack of a better term team up to stop him.


I’m actually enjoying this book. Every issue so far has been pretty solid. It’s not outstanding. But it’s not mediocre either. Their usage of Alison Borges for flashbacks from Lobo’s past has been very effective though I’m not quite sure I totally enjoy giving Lobo a grizzled backstory. It fits this sort of pretty-boy tragic killer thing with a face of nonchalance tdsdfhat they have going on more but I’m not quite sure the “brand” of Lobo really needed it. I could posit her Alison is better than that of the main artist on the book but the main art has it’s own particular cartoony charm that is not bad to look at. Again I wish there was a slightly more stylized pallet but it works for the most part.


There is generally little wrong here. I like the team he’s got with him at the moment for the sake of diversity with two poc women (dreading the moment they all betray him or he has to get rid of them) so I loved the use of Emily and wish they were more present in the issue. I really wish Cullen would really let loose in the believability (literally go off the rails cartoony) and snark with the writing, it still feels very restrained but it’s getting to the tone I want from it.



Pick up Lobo it’s a decent book. I can’t say it’s fantastic but it’s always a relatively pleasant surprise and not a chore to look at either.




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