Marc Andreyko talks Wonder Woman ’77, hints at Reeve Superman series

by Jamie Robinson

With the new digital comic Wonder Woman ’77, released this past Thursday, based off the classic television series starring Lynda Carter, Newsarama sat down with writer, Marc Andreyko to discuss his plans for this new series. Spawned from the success of Batman ’66, the comic series based off of the classic Adam West television show, this comic, like its predecessor follows the world of a classic superhero television series. In this case, it contains a high amount of pop culture and fashion trends from the 1970’s. Like Batman ’66, the creators have obtained the likeness rights of the main actors of show, Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner, who played Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor respectively.
Andreyko said readers will get to see several Wonder Woman enemies who never made it to the show.
“We’re already using villains from the comic book canon that never appeared on the show. So you’re going to get to see what certain villains would have looked like, had they appeared in the 1970’s. There will be some familiar faces.”
Andreyko also mentioned the strong possibility that Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman will eventually crossover with Adam West’s Batman.
“And Jeff Parker and I really want to do, if this book goes well, we really want to do a Batman ’66/Wonder Woman ’77 crossover. I have some ideas that I bounced off Jeff. Once we see if this comic takes off, hopefully that will be something that we’ll be able to get off the ground.”

Andreyko hinted at the possibility of a comic series based off the Christopher Reeve WWCarter movies and a possible crossover with Wonder Woman ’77. When asked whether the two heroes would meet, he replied,

“Well, they’re only a year apart. So…”
While nothing’s been confirmed about a comic of Reeve’s Superman, given that they’ve now made two comics about two of DC’s most popular televised heroes, it only makes sense to complete the DC Trinity by introducing Superman. Although only a movie version, and not a TV hero like George Reeves’ Superman, Christopher Reeve’s version is well-known and considered to be one of best versions of the character by many fans. We’ll have to wait and see.
What do you think? Are you excited for a Batman ‘66/Wonder Woman ’77 crossover as well as the possibility of a Christopher Reeve Superman series? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Newsarama

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