Review: KLARION #4

by Robert Reed
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Klarion takes the wheel and begins to drive the plot in Klarion #4. Assisted by Beelzebub in a “rescue” of sorts, Klarion finds himself dragged into a power game by the Lord of Flies. At stake is his relationship with Zell, who is not happy about Klarion’s decision to abandon her.

While the Witch Boy navigates a Pocket (shorthand for pocket dimension), the instructors at the Moody Museum search for their students with the help of Agent Moody. Their search leads them around the city where they see the effects of the Buddy Bots’ infiltration of civilian life. None of them are pleased, though the customers seem to be happy with their robotic companions.

Things get heated towards the climax of the issue as Zell and Klarion begin to fight, pitted against one another by Beelzebub and his friend, the future-tech dealing Swag.


Ann Nocenti’s plot has really started to move along now as characters vie for power and advantages against one another. It’s interesting to see the budding attraction between Zell and Klarion used to pit them against each other as the various factions involved battle around them. In addition, the character work here is better than in previous issues as we begin to see the plans of the Necropolitan club come to fruition. Klarion #4 allows for readers to get a better understanding of what is at stake, and what the motivations of the various factions are.

Artists Fabrizio Fiorentino and Szymon Kudranski take over from Trevor McCarthy, but this does not hurt Klarion #4 as the pair maintain the two page spreads that have defined the title thus far. There’s fantastic work on display here as the pages sizzle with energy.

Klarion 4 001



Unfortunately, one of the main advantages to Klarion #4 continues to be to the detriment of the series: pacing. The title has been hurt by the frenetic pace at which new developments are introduced, and it’s hard to get invested in the world when it constantly is turning upside down. The ultimate result is that Klarion feels like a popcorn-movie. It’s fun to read, but it doesn’t really stick on any level other than some cool imagery and concepts.

And while there are certainly developments involving the Necropolitan club, it feels like the book is being rushed due to the “Convergence” event in the summer. It would have been nice to see this book play out at a more measured pace.


Klarion #4 is an energetic book that is fun to read, but it doesn’t really stick. Writer Ann Nocenti seems to have elements of something great here, but it doesn’t get developed as much as it should. Fabrizio Fiorentino and Szymon Kudranski keep things exciting on the art end, but that doesn’t quite overcome the book’s pacing issues.


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