Review- THE NEW 52:FUTURES END # 37


This week’s issue of Futures End bounce all over the place in an attempt to touch base with all your favorite story lines. Here we see the Justice League, the Justice League Dark, and even the return of the retired, bearded Superman. So many fan favorite characters make an appearance in this jam packed issue, its almost hard to keep track.  

Positives The New 52 - Futures End 037-007

Similar to last weeks issue readers are given a direct look at some of the events that transpired during the war. Having so much of the story be based on the aftermath of this war, finally getting to see glimpses of it leaves me satisfied. It’s also nice to finally see how Amethyst got her facial scarring since it has been a hanging plot thread ever since the characters introduction to the series.

Interactions with the Justice League are always a welcomed addition to the series. With so many important plot threads it seems odd that the league doesn’t appear more and more often. Seeing both Stormgaurd and Shazam tackle a new foe together will make any fan classic tea-up stories start begging for more.

NegativesThe New 52 - Futures End 037-003

Unlike last weeks flash back that gave an interesting origin to Stormgaurd’s armor, this week’s flash back left me unsatisfied. Having Amythyst gain her scarring from a random parademon attack seems lazy, and unoriginal. Often times I find the back story of the war boring in this series, though I feel it should be one of the most intriguing features. Hopefully more suspenseful, and riveting back stories will be revealed before this series comes to it’s inevitable end.

The scene featuring Grifter and Fifty Sue felt very rushed. Often, there were times where the paneling left me confused and I had to guess what had just transpired, even though it should be obvious. For instance when Voodoo is talking to Grifter, it isn’t completely obvious what happens too him. It’s only until reading a few more panels that you are able to extrapolate what had happened.


This issue felt a little rushed compared to last week’s. While a lot of progress was made, I found myself uninterested by it. The highlight of the issue for me, was seeing a classic Justice League team-up. Other than that, there wasn’t anything else that I found overly exciting.



Gregg Hamm

Gregg Hamm

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