The Flash gets Iced… and Burned

by Julian Bartlett
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burnedflashAnticipation about The Flash’s return is running on high. The news of the show being renewed for a second season has fans reeling with excitement over what will happen next. We don’t know when the Reverse-Flash will be back. We certainly don’t know when Gorilla Grodd will make his presence felt. However we do know next week that Barry will have his hands full with a double dose of Rogue. “Revenge of the Rogues” will be the first episode for The Flash of the new year and it looks not to disappoint.

The episode will feature Wentworth Miller’s return to Central City as Captain Cold. Only this time Cold has brought a pal to help him take down Flash. Miller’s Prison Break co-star Dominic Purcell will be making his debut as Mick Rory aka Heatwave. This will mark the first official team-up of the two villains and makes way for The Rogues. Soon The Pied Piper, Weather Wizard, and Mark Hamill’s Trickster will all be making their way to Central City. Here are a few of the production stills that were released for “Revenge of the Rogues.” Keep reading for a short episode synopsis.

“Revenge of the Rogues” – Captain Cold returns to Central City now accompanied by Mick Rory(Heatwave). They plan to steal a valuable painting, but Cold has another plan in mind. The crime duo kidnap someone close to Barry and threaten their life if The Flash doesn’t show up for a fight of speed vs. fire & ice. Barry confides in Joe about his worry of fighting Captain Cold after all the innocent deaths that happened during their last meeting. While beefing up the CCPD’s defenses, the S.T.A.R. labs team also helps Barry double his training so that The Flash will be ready next time Reverse-Flash shows up in Central City.

Make sure to watch the midseason premiere of The Flash on The CW January 20 at 8/7c.

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