Lego Batman 3 Gets Arrow-y

by Julian Bartlett
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The Lego Batman series has been by far the most fun installment of the Lego gaming franchise. While the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter Lego games are fun, nothing compares to donning the cape and becoming the Dark Knight in the world of Lego. Not only do you get all the beloved DC characters with these games, but a good story and fun Lego antics also are main stays of the series. In Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes it was satisfying to collect and use most of the full DC line-up. Both heroes and villains being included of course. With all the DLC for heroes, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham looks to be following suit.


The trailer for the Green Arrow DLC looks to bring all of Team Arrow to a console, or handheld, near you. The pack will feature Arrow, Slade Wilson, Black Canary, and Malcolm Merlyn. Also appearing on the roster will be Diggle, Huntress, Arsenal, and Ms. Felicity Smoak herself. The highlight of the trailer for me is extremely short yet oh so very sweet. After a few explosions and acrobatics from the team Oliver pulls back the infamous boxing glove arrow and let’s it fly into a thug’s face. In the opening seconds it was also cool to see the Lego version of Deathstroke’s mask planted in the sand. The trailer ends with Ollie’s classic “My name is Oliver Queen…” wrapping up with a little bit of that Lego fun I mentioned before. “To survive I must become someone else. Something green, and pointy, and arrow-y.”

Man of Steel DLC
The Dark Knight DLC
Suicide Squad DLC

Several different DLC packs have already been released for Lego Batman 3. Playable characters can be downloaded from Man of Steel, The Dark Knight trilogy, Batman Beyond, and the New 52. I believe the most recent DLC release was the Suicide Squad. Playing as Deadshot and Harley Quinn? Yes, Please!

With Stephen Amell voicing Green Arrow in this new DLC it is a must have for all DC fans.

Check out the Green Arrow DLC pack trailer right here

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