Review- BATWOMAN #38

by Kate Kane
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Batwoman is now streaming towards its end as Maggie finally confronts her ex about their split and Kate feels the cold sting of what it’s like working with an unknown team and having to her mind and body abused.

10947506_815484098525448_1659453746_nI can’t do this, each month I tell myself to stop reading and yet I kept finding my eyes drifting back to this train wreck of a comic. Andreyko shows another round of inconsistences, unable to keep even his own facts in line. Having broken the link with Nocturna in the last issue, we find Kate running back into her arms yet again. One moment she’s fine the next she’s back to being a giant pushover. This isn’t the Batwoman that stood against Gotham for what she believed in. The story is jumpy and the Unknowns really have no part in the entire concept of the plot line. It’s just a filler excuse between the cat fight of Kate and Maggie. This whole scene made me proud Maggie finally put Kate in her place but the whole thing was a huge slap in the face to Batwoman fans everywhere. I would have never seen these two speak to each other in such a fashion after the immense love they felt. Then to have her transform into a vampire right in front of Maggies eyes and have her not question this AT ALL was just ridiculous. If my ex fiancé came to me with fangs I would have flipped my lid with more question than Renee Montoya could answer!

10947695_815478428526015_1435640281_nGeorge Jeanty gave us a few sweeping panels of beauty of Batwoman in her night sky but his artwork of Red Alice blows me away each and every time. She is absolutely stunning and it breaks my heart that this character will now just have to disappear into the void of the DC shelves, unknown, unappreciated and undeveloped.


10928106_815478425192682_345977239_nRed Alice is my only joy to see in this issue. It was great to have the sisters finally unite and I would have loved to have seen their story joined together finally on the side of good.



10943120_815478805192644_272414480_nI can’t explain how many negatives this issue has to me but my biggest is Nocturna, I hate this character, I hate her abuse of Kate mentally and physically and I hate that she’s just playing the fake gay! It’s offensive and just using Kate for the hell of it which disgusts me. I know she’s a villain but does Andreyko have to insult the lesbian community with her? Nocturna is mentally abusing her with her brainwashing hatred for Maggie and the mental blanks. Then to see the physical abuse of Kate being beaten and slammed against walls only adds to the horrific way in which she is being treated. I’m sick of seeing Batwoman being sexually abused in these issues too, it’s sending a terrible image about the hero and that she can run into the arms of an abusive lover to make everything fine. I just don’t even know what to think about this anymore and I don’t even see my Kate in these pages. I see a weak, underrated shadow of the woman I idolised. It’s heart breaking that this is being allowed into the story and maybe her death will bring her some peace.


Batwoman might get a good wakeup call as her sister decides to drop ain for ma much needed house call. Will Kate drag herself into a second of clarity before the end or will her downfall lead to her tragic demise? If you are a pure Batwoman fan I urge you to grit and prepare for the worst comic storm of your life.




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