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by Julian Bartlett
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safacebookTonight Stephen Amell experienced a long wanted fantasy. Thanks to all his recent success he was finally able to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The interview didn’t last to long but it was obvious that Amell thoroughly enjoyed himself. All smiles, he talked to Jimmy about Arrow and about how he started off in Hollywood. It was a nice pre-game for the mid-season premiere of Arrow tomorrow night. Even though my local ABC affiliate urged me to stay tuned for Jimmy Kimmel Live with Arrow’s Stephen Arnell.

Amell started the show off by playing a game of “Name that Thing” against Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet. When a breast pump came up Stephen immediately got to show of his vast knowledge of pumps. “That is a breast pump Jimmy, but that is the kind that takes batteries.” During the final round he had to name as many U.S. presidents as he could. He got seven in the alloted time. To this he said, “Hey, I’m Canadian.”


The interview started with Amell talking about how excited he was to be on the show and how Jimmy Kimmel Live played into the start of his career. “Being here is a dream come true… and no I’m not being sarcastic,” said Amell. He continued, “Arrow is my tenth job, and I got my first sitting here in your audience. I got the call during the pre-show.”

When the conversation switched to Arrow, Jimmy talked about how back in his day he was used to the character being called Green Arrow compared to now being Arrow. Stephen simply laughed and said, “you never know.” After a few Ollicity jokes Amell explains that they are the “star-crossed lovers of the show.” “Felicity is just slightly unattainable, and I’m dead.” Kimmel then arrives at the question I want to hear. “So is the Arrow really dead?” With no pause Amell says, “Hmm, He’s certainly hurt.”


With Stephen Amell letting nothing new slip I’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to see how things start to play out. With the show returning it will be fun to finally watch Laurel go through the transformation into Black Canary. And when Brick comes to Starling to take over, I’m sure Team Arrow will be missing their leader.

Don’t miss the return of Arrow tomorrow night on the CW at 8/7c

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