Review – WONDER WOMAN #38

by Kate Kane
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Wonder Woman fights on as the best of both worlds in this week’s issue. Diana is clearly torn between the two lives she leads as she now tries to find her balance between her amazon life and her superhero alter ego.

3Meredith Finch brings us another slamming story with dragon and fighting, epic women and yes even Batman and Superman make an appearance.  I actually happen to like where the story is heading, I don’t think anyone has ever really questioned Diana’s struggle with being both an amazon and Wonder Woman which I think is yet another side to this complex puzzle of this woman. It’s like the two sides of duty are both as important but who takes priority, family or the human race?

7David Finch’s is at the highest level of comic book imaginary as Sonia Oback, Batt and Danny Miki add to the immense details of this comic. Each week I run to the shelves to see just how amazing the artwork for this series is and everything form the outfits to the mythic creatures blows me away. And don’t even get me started on Donna Troy! Her outfit alone is a cosplayers dream with all that shiny metal glistening against the earthy hues of the traditional amazon garb.


4Oh god the costumes! I can’t get enough of these amazing outfits that keep cropping up in this series. Donna Troy’s outfit looks beyond epic and her whole premise as the potential villain of this series has me jumping out of my seat. I love when writers make the story unpredictable like this and keep readers hanging for more answers to the questions posed. I really want to see how Diana handles the return of the familiar face now that she’s going through her own mortal turmoils. I also love the  constant mentions of Wonder Woman being the new god of war, it’s been a consistent tie in to the last series and I love that this huge issue isn’t going unnoticed by everyone, DC sometimes has a tendency to skip on major character upgrades like this but Finch has definitely kept on top of it.


5Once again the jumping between the modern world and the ancient one is a little harsh for me. It felt like the whole bit with Batman and Superman wasn’t needed but it did remind readers that Diana is going through this split in her lives so I guess it had a small purpose.


Wonder Woman has a new subtle threat being presented in the form of a familiar face to the DC pages. Will Diana return to defend her kingdom or will it pass into the hands of a homunculus? Stay tuned to find out if the amazon will have their beloved Queen returned.




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