With the month of January in the books some select DCN reviewers gave us their thoughts on the first month of the new year and what they look forward to in February.

Robert Reed: 

January for me was all about the Multiversity Guidebook. Yes, it’s a costly behemoth, but it didn’t disappoint. Not only does the issue contain a sprawling adventure between multiple earths, there’s a great breakdown of the 52 earths that make up the DC multiverse, including seven mystery earths – some of which are more mysterious than others.

In addition, Gotham by Midnight has continued to be a huge surprise, each issue standing tall on its own right while making for a fulfilling whole. This month’s #3 was no exception

Gotham by Midnight #1 001

Matthew Lloyd: For the most enjoyable read of the month- for purposes of book reviewed, I would go with Grayson #6, it had a lot of references and complexity to work out. As far as a straight read it would be The Multiversity Guidebook followed by Worlds’ Finest #30. Just love the family dynamics with Supes and Bats.



Myke Havoc: 

2015 started with a bit of a bang, showing a good chunk of titles staying strong. We got ourselves a Super-powered Batman in Justice League, as well as a Super-powered Robin in Batman and Robin. Green Lantern was surprisingly stripped down for a change, while books like Grayson and Superman ramped up the action.

Justice League (2011-) 038-019

Speaking of Action Comics, that title, along with Batman/Superman, gave us some truly startling and bizarre revelations. Throwing in Superman/Wonder Woman, I do hope some of the these twists and turns will pay off in the months to come. Detective Comics was surprisingly effective. And mmm, who doesn’t love that art?

The absolute top of the heap, though, had to be the Multiversity Guidebook, while Earth 2 and it’s weekly World’s End continue to struggle. Secret Six was sadly delayed, so the wait continues to see where that opening issue was going.

Hoping February is fabulous for DC fans!

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