Review: The Flash “Crazy For You”

by Joey Garces
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For the past couple of episodes we’ve had sprinkles of Firestorm subplot play in the background of all the drama currently surrounding S.T.A.R. Labs and Flash. Thankfully it was not shoved down our throats and now it has been worked in naturally as to where it will most likely play a role in the waning months of the first season. With the progress on this front combined with all the other exciting developments of this episode, “Crazy Love” is a joyride start to finish.

Last week’s episode ended with Pied Piper trying to persuade Cisco  into letting him free in exchange for information on Ronnie Raymond.  Picking up where it left off, the chess match between Cisco and Hartley will surprisingly very entertaining to watch. I think both Hartley and us the viewers did not have Cisco pegged as such a capable adversary for Hartley, I was not prepared for a throwdown between the two and it made Cisco even more endearing to me. Perhaps that transition into Vibe is not to far in the future after all, Cisco was really the winner of this episode, with him beating down Hartley and discovering the truth about Ronnie, this was all his episode.


The emotional scene between Henry Allen and Barry was touching on a whole lot of levels. Henry admitted to Barry earlier in the show that he rarely has an opportunity to feel useful, so to be able to do something positive and even reveal he knows Barry is The Flash was spectacular. Both actors are extremely talented and did their best to make us cry alongside them.

Sticking with Barry, the progress his friendship has with Caitlin is just as entertaining to watch. It was really nice to see them come out of their shells a little bit and even flex their singing pipes.

The biggest positive of this episode though occurred in the last couple minutes. I’m talking about the reveal of GRODD! Welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen, very soon we will have a superhero fighting a talking gorilla, man what a time to be living in.



I really don’t get how Henry Allen is still in jail at this point. Look at the facts, his whole defense was that a yellow blur killed his wife. This is now substantial due to a certain red blur running all over town saving lives. It doesn’t prove innocence but still raises doubt enough to warrant reopening the case, it also doesn’t hurt that the arresting Detective Joe West now believes his innocence. I say bring in Laurel Lance from Arrow and get this man out of jail!

In the new villain we got with Peek-a-Boo, I wasn’t really feeling her plot. Am I supposed to feel bad or happy she’s locked up now. I doubt we’ll see much more of her in the future but still.


“Crazy for You” was an all around great episode that pulled it back a bit on the action parts in order to further character development and the Firestorm storyline. Cisco was the real winner of this episode as he has gone from the comic relief guy to a bonafide badass. I am also beside myself when I think that soon enough we will have both Firestorm and Gorilla Grodd in future episodes, revel in this awesomeness everyone.


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