Constantine’s Not Dead? Possible Move to SyFy

Wonder Woman, Medium, JAG, and Arrested Development; TV Shows that were given new life by changing networks. NBC is hoping for the same effect with Constantine. Parent company NBC/Universal appears to be looking at other homes for the occult drama.

Constantine - Season 1Syfy seems like the logical choice for Constantine, but USA Network, Bravo, Sleuth and Chiller have also run similar programming before. The show could go by its comic book title, Hellblazer, to emphasize its horror elements, instead of the procedural component currently used on NBC.

Constantine set designer David Blass dropped hints via Twitter that the series could be headed to Syfy after all.



Syfy recently ran a Constantine marathon, doing fairly well on the network. Syfy Executives have also expressed going back to its science-fiction roots. They wish to catch the fire of series like The Walking Dead (AMC) and American Horror Story (FX).

Some fans wonder if the show could reside online, possibly with Netflix or Hulu. Any decision will only come after NBC/Universal and Warner Bros. Television reach a mutual decision about Constantine’s future. Neither organization has issued a comment on the production.

Sources:, Cinelix and Twitter

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