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Today’s episode of DC All Access featured a new clip from LEGO: DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League and more notably Jeff King stopped by to talk a little detail about Convergence. We know that after Convergence is over the DCU will never be the same. Continuity will collide in this epic event shattering everything. King specifically refers to Convergence as a “game changer.” This is what King had to tell DC All Access during the interview.

DCAA: Can you give us a little bit about the scope of what Convergence is about?

King: Convergence is an enormous story with a very small focus. There are heroes from World’s End and Future’s End who make the journey from the end of that series into the beginning of Convergence. But from there it explodes out into a much bigger story. Brainiac has been collecting dead worlds and timelines across the entire history of the DCU. He’s been experimenting and tinkering with them, pitting heroes from different timelines against each other in order to catalogue their weaknesses.

DCAA: What would you say to the DC fan that’s not quite sure if they want to read Convergence?

King: Now I feel like it’s going to be a celebration of what you love. I feel like it’s going to shock you because there are a couple of turns of events that you will not expect to come out of it. When was the last time you thought Captain Carrot might be fighting Harley Quinn? When was the last time you saw every Flash from DC continuity? We’re gonna see Bruce Wayne and Thomas Wayne meet each other for the first time.”

I personally cannot wait until all the speedsters are together again. Final Crisis is the last time I can think that Jay, Barry, and Wally got together and saved the day. Also, the fact that Bruce and Thomas Wayne will be meeting sends chills down my spine. Something that was virtually never going to happen will be coming to pass in the next few months.


Towards the end of the interview King did drop a little hint on where you can get a tiny preview of what is to come. King says Grants Morrison’s The Multiversity Guidebook is “something they should maybe pay attention to.” “It’s going to have some direct implication for the future of the DC Universe post Convergence,” says King.

conver2Wow DC All Access, way to get me even more excited for April. Convergence will be turning the DCU head over heels and it will sure be fun to read. With the giant spectrum that DC has covered over the years Brainiac is seemingly going to have the upper hand. If you haven’t been reading The Multiversity I highly advise you go pick up what you can. It will be a nice warm-up for this colossal character mash-up that DC has coming.

Check out the whole episode of DC All Access including an exclusive Justice League vs. Bizarro League clip below. Also included is the full Jeff King interview and it’s worth the time. Don’t forget to add Convergence to your pull list at your local comic book store.



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