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With the success of The Flash/Arrow crossover earlier in the season all people want is more team-ups. In February of 2010 Smallville blew the DC community away with one of the first and definitely one of the best superhero team ups of all time. “Absolute Justice” brought together two different generations of DC joining The Justice Society with a small version of the Justice League. Hawkman, Stargirl, and even Dr. Fate are on the roster. In earlier Smallville episodes Flash, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, and Aquaman all make appearances to help the Red Blue Blur. When The Flash and Arrow came face-to-face it lived up to the promised hype.

After the two-part event aired on The CW fans, including me, wanted more. A handful of new DC shows will be premiering soon. This certainly leaves the possibility open to many more visitors in Starling and Central City. During a panel at Dallas Comic Con Arrow star Stephen Amell had a few words about possible crossovers and what he would like to see happen in the future.

“It would be interesting. I was saying this earlier. It would be interesting to cross over with Constantine, only because he knows a lot about the Lazarus Pit, which is something that we’ve introduced in the show this year,” Amell said.“It would be cool to crossover with Supergirl because it’s something with Greg Berlanti, who’s the helmer and sort of the brain trust or the center of the brain trust of Arrow and The Flash and I know so many of the people that are involved in the production of that show so that would be really interesting. And Gotham would be a tough one, just because I think they’re out in a different time but the crossover with The Flash was so much fun and did so well that I can’t imagine a world — a universe, no pun intended — where that didn’t happen and continue to happen all the time.”

CW President Mark Pedowitz also confirmed The Flash and Arrow will be seeing a lot of each other over the next few years. The Flash/Arrow crossovers will become an annual event. When Supergirl and the new Teen Titans series debuts a few more could be added to the team. I wouldn’t mind seeing Arsenal fighting with the titans for a while.


Will we be getting the cap and goatee?


Amell has been teasing a new costume for Ollie for a long time. While doing his panel he was asked to address this.

“The short answer is not only are there going to be suit changes, but I’m going to be changing suits.”

This is pretty solidly confirming that Oliver Queen will get a new suit when prowling Starling City at night. Maybe this also means that finally the name Arrow will transform into Green Arrow. When Starling changed his name from the Vigilante to Arrow it was a big step. Could this be the fresh start and new first step that Ollie needs to take? He will indeed have to bounce back in some way after the blade-in-chest courtesy of Ra’s al Ghul. So what do you guys think? Who would you like to see the Arrow Squad team up with in the future? Are you ready for the Green Arrow?

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