Review: Justice League United #9

Infinitus has appeared in Justice League United #9 written by Jeff Lemire, Neil Edwards on pencils, Jay Leisten and Keith Champagne on inks, Jeromy Cox on color and Travis Lanham on lettering.

The (multiple?) Legions and our Justice League United continue to battle Infinitus’ wraiths and attack the giant Anti-Monitor meets Galactus. It seems Braniac-5 has miscalculated, and Infinitus has appeared early in the wrong timeline. J’onn goes head to to head with the brainwashed Hawkman, who never actually died, rather his armor healed him. Meanwhile everyone else tries to deal with Infinitus’ wraiths; there are some casualties but it all seems pretty hand waiving

Justice League United (2014-) 009-004


The bulk of this issue is pure old fashioned space-age pummeling and classic comic book action. It’s not great, but it’s not terrible. Supergirl has gone after Blyth and engages against him. I really do like the new rebooted 52 Supergirl, she acts much more like Powergirl and it’s easy to see how they are the same person. Given what may happen to Earth-2 Powergirl Karen Starr (a real shame if it occurs) it will be nice to see the 16 year old version of her really take names. The Legion arriving as backup to help dispose of Blyth was really nice, especially with Dawnstar serving as a linchpins in their attack on Blyth utilizing Gates, Colossal Boy and ultimately Phantom Lass subduing him. But Braniac-5 has unleashed a bomb of some sort as a last resort, and with Infinus, subdued by J’onn, suddenly gone, our heroes are all flung towards a black hole.

Justice League United (2014-) 009-016


This is nothing new, and it looks like J’onn after arguing with Ultra/Infinitus in his mind ends up lobotimzing the child/god entity as a last sort of result. I’m sure the repercussions of that action will be argued. The brain washing of Hawkman was always rather lame, they needn’t have done that at all really. It’s pretty clear this is a Martian Manhunter/Supergirl book, I’d like the rest of the team to be a bit more useful to be honest. Art is mediocre, coloring dynamic and helps make it looks lots better.

Justice League United (2014-) 009-022



Shlocky old fashioned space age fighting, loads of Legion superheroes, breathing in space! Moving in space! Flying in space! It’s all here. I feel like the current team is way too underpowered for this kind of grand space opera stuff, and it hurts for it. The ladies of the legion and Supergirl (and to extent Stargirl and Equinox) however save this issue with their high involvement and ultimate role in subduing Blythe.