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The Flash has been heating up in the past few episodes with the primary focus being the origin of Firestorm. Joe and Cisco have also been investigating the new evidence surrounding the death of Nora Allen. Tonight, Barry found out that he, in fact, was present during the mayhem of that night. As cool as the Firestorm transformations were, that is not what I want to talk about. A couple of weeks ago we got to finally witness the first sighting of Gorilla Grodd. Tonight The Flash’s post-credit scene was the best moment in comic book television of all time. If you’re a Flash fan, your dreams probably came true just a few hours ago.


During a torture scene involving half of Firestorm, General Eiling mentions a prior torture engagement involving himself and a gorilla. I knew at that moment something special would be coming in this episode. With the Grodd teaser all over the place the DC community knew it was coming. I don’t think anybody thought this soon. Tonight, standing tall and looking menacing, Gorilla Grodd walked onto the small screen.

Not only was Grodd in full form, he was also invading Eiling’s mind. Before General Eiling even laid eyes on Grodd, he was terrified from the voice he heard in his head. The CW and the people involved with The Flash deserve an immense amount of respect and a giant pat on the back. Grodd looked amazing. He didn’t look fake and he didn’t look too far fetched. He looked like the giant gorilla that terrorizes Flash through the pages of DC Comics.


The best part of Grodd’s appearance was the way in which he was introduced. After the screen goes black General Eiling appears. Immediately I thought another “we have to get Firestorm” scene. I’ve never been happier to be wrong. A speedster zooms in, swiping Eiling up and transports him into the underground lair of Grodd. As the man in yellow stands before Eiling he starts to pull down his cowl. Looking down at Eiling stood Harrison Wells. Finally seeing Wells in his Reverse-Flash outfit was a close second to finally seeing Grodd.


In any case, March 17 seems like an extremely long time to wait after tonight’s episode. The last part of this season is going to be packed with action. Will we get another Rogues showdown before the freshman season of The Flash wraps up? In a perfect world Barry and Grodd would square off as soon as possible. I can only assume that the producers are waiting until the season finale to bring those two face-to-face. In true CW fashion, show me something epic and crazy and then make me wait a year to see the outcome. I remember Smallville.

If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of The Flash stop reading and go stream it right now!


The Flash returns March 17 on CW 8/7c

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