Firestorm Splits in Two

by Julian Bartlett
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Tonight on The Flash the origin story of Firestorm took a new turn. After the explosion, Dr. Stein’s mind and Ronnie Raymond’s body were separated. For a little while Caitlin got to be reunited with her dead fiance and Stein was briefly back with his wife. After General Eiling came to obtain the secrets behind Firestorm, both Stein and Raymond knew it was too dangerous to stay in Central City. For a few seconds, we even got a team-up with Flash and Firestorm.


During an interview, Robbie Amell and Victor Garber talked a little bit about what it is like to be connected as Firestorm.

 “He’s super powerful at the same time he’s super dangerous because you’ve got two people fighting for control,” says Amell.

“Dr. Stein wasn’t planning on becoming Firestorm and still isn’t,” said Garber.

“I feel much smarter and more distinguished when I’m half Victor,” jokes Amell. “I just feel younger and more attractive so it’s all working out really well,” replies Garber as Robbie laughs in the background.

The transformations into and out of Firestorm were executed nicely. After Raymond and Stein gained control over the process and gave in to the unity, the actual Firestorm was born. Seeing Ronnie ablaze with the white eyes and the voice of Martin Stein in his head was absolutely epic; another super hero that the DC television team has knocked out of the park. Firestorm looked amazing. It is hard to engulf anything in flames and not make it look like a cartoon. The way Firestorm looked blew away Ghost Rider’s look on the big screen.


My hat goes off to the creative team at The Flash. They not only did a great job on Firestorm but another giant step was taken creatively. Two things were achieved in tonight’s episode visually that broke barriers in the small screen world.

There is a tiny moment in the episode where Flash runs out of frame followed by Firestorm flying right by his side. It was a great looking shot that got me excited for more team-ups. With The Atom coming soon on Arrow that adds another super hero to the list. Already there is the makings of an incarnation of the Justice Society.

The Flash comes back to CW March 17 8/7c

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