Review: Justice League #39

Things appear grim for those unaffected by the Amazo virus outbreak in Justice League #39 by Geoff Johns, art by Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson on color and Carlos M. Mangual on lettering.

2015-02-18 07-24-03 - Justice League (2011-) 039-003

Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and Superman face off the rest of the infected League and Diana is given a bit of a spotlight. Johns always write very solid meaty comics, this feels hearty and I like the art on this it matches and has overall while “classic” and not quite as stylized as I’d like, is generally nice to look at. Everything about this arc is not particularly ground breaking but at the least they execute it solidly. Lex scrambles to make an antidote from Superman’s blood while Diana attempts to subdue those infected.


I liked giving Diana something to do with giving her the main melee person keeping things together. This story isn’t very original but the dialogue and her exchanges with Lex and ultimately Captain Cold are all rather good. Johns has a very specific weighty, middle of the rung style with a dash of humor and while it’s not always my thing, it does work here for what you’re given. Have they done a Medusa storyline in the rebooted universe yet,  if not according to what Diana said this may have brought the golden grail of Wonder Woman stories, Greg Rucka’s Medusa showdown somewhat into canon? Dear r2015-02-18 07-24-03 - Justice League (2011-) 039-006eaders correct me if wrong but that makes me rather happy if I’m reading context correctly. If not, shame.



I don’t like that Diana ultimately gets wailed on, I mean given those who were infected it would be hard for her to keep it all together but it’s also pretty strange that Captain Cold out of all people would save Wonder Woman. I liked their subsequent banter however. Diana’s costume needs shoulder straps though I appreciate Fabok drawing her as rather muscular in the legs. She’s not nearly as broad as I’d like (the way Cliff Chang draws her) but it’s better than say Lee. Or Finch. Actually in all this entire arc which had a really interesting realistic element to it ultimately ends up getting solved in a somewhat goofy way. Either way it’s sort of anti-climatic really and I’m a bit shocked. It works but it felt pretty sudden.


2015-02-18 07-24-03 - Justice League (2011-) 039-015


This was an interesting end to the last arc and introduces Amos Fortune as the person who put the hit on Lex Luthor, an origin story for Amazo, as well as sets the stage for brand new meta-humans. It sort of reminds me of when Marvel spilled the Terrigen Mists to create more Inhumans in the mutant manner due to Fox owning the rights to X-Men in the films and Marvel position the Inhumans as their general replacement (RIP X-Men relevance). Who will come forth with these new powers will be interesting to see. Otherwise this is a bit underwhelming of an end but it works so in all I give it a solid score. (Minus points for bringing back Hal Jordan god what a bore)