Batman Unlimited Products from Mattel

by Jamie Robinson
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With the animated DC movie, Batman: Unlimited: Animal Instincts coming out soon, a new toy line is already in the works. The film has Batman paired with fellow superhero allies such as Red Robin, Green Arrow, and the Flash facing off against Penguin and a horde of cybernetic animals.
In addition to the film, Warner Bros. will also be a releasing a series of 22 stand-alone two-minute shorts to expand upon the story of the movie. The shorts will be available for free online on devoted channels.
Mattel is in the process of releasing action figures based off the series with animal ally accessories.

This new Batmobile features rolling wheels as well as a surprise attack feature: claws that spring from the front to capture evildoers. Comes in “Try me” package to test the action in advance.


Batman Unlimited Batmobile (4th scale)


Bat-fans of all ages will Batman and his giant Cyberex dinosaur! The Cyberex figure also has colorful details, five points of articulation, and a disk launcher disguised as an exoskeleton.  Villains can be imprisoned in the Cyberex belly-jail.


Batman with Cyberex




The movie, Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts, is set to be released on May 12, 2015 0n Blu-Ray combo pack, DVD, and digital HD.



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