At DCN we love comics as much as you do. You wanted to know the reading order for Green Lantern’s newest crossover and did not know where to start? Well, here it is. “Green Lantern: Godhead” is an epic and massive event covering almost all Green Lantern titles, introducing the New Gods into The New 52.

Geoff Johns will not be the only writer to change Green Lantern’s history. Venditti knows how to write Green Lantern and so far this event has changed the GL landscape in the DC universe.

In the aftermath of “Lights Out,” Highfather, the leader of the New Gods, discovers that the ring-wielders breached the Source Wall and now he’s trying to harness those secrets for himself by using one ring of every color of the emotional spectrum. Of course, nothing is ever that simple and what follows will threaten to alter the very fabric of the universe as we know it in “Godhead,” a month-long crossover event that finds Green Lantern and the New Gods entangled in a struggle for intergalactic survival. You can check the checklist for the event below.



Official Solicit Synopsis

Highfather, leader of the New Gods, has long studied the infinite and infinitely mysterious Source Wall which surrounds the universe. Now, he has learned that during “Green Lantern: Lights Out,” the ring-wielders broke through the Wall and stole secrets of cosmic importance. Determined to breach the Source Wall himself, Highfather must gain one of each colored ring in the emotional spectrum. But even mighty Highfather doesn’t know all, and the forces he’s about to unleash will have transformative effects on the whole DC Universe! Cosmic mystery, overwhelming odds, familiar and brand-new New Gods

godheadAct I

New Gods: Godhead #1 (Part 1) – October 1st

Green Lantern #35 (Part 2) – October 1st

Green Lantern Corps #35 (Part 3) – October 8th

Green Lantern: New Guardians #35 (Part 4) – October 8th

Infinity Man and the Forever People #4 (tie-in) – October 8th

Red Lanterns #35 (Part 5) – October 22nd

Sinestro #6 (Part 6) – October 29th

Act II

godheadGreen Lantern #36 (Part 7) – November 5th

Green Lantern Corps #36 (Part 8) – November 12th

Infinity Man And The Forever People #5 (tie-in) – November 12th

Green Lantern: New Guardians #36 (Part 9) – November 19th

Red Lanterns #36 (Part 10) – November 26th

Sinestro #7 (Part 11) – November 26th


Green Lantern #37 (Part 12) – December 3rd

godheadGreen Lantern Corps #37 (Part 13) – December 10th

Infinity Man And The Forever People #6 (tie-in) – December 10th

Green Lantern: New Guardians #37 (Part 14) – December 17th

Red Lanterns #37 (Part 15) – December 24th

Sinestro #8 (Part 16) – December 24th

Green Lantern Annual #3 – December 24th



If you know any other title that should be added to this reading order, let us know.


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