Ray Fisher Hints at Cyborg Image

by Wes Whitfield
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In response to questions put forward by fans on Twitter, Ray Fisher has hinted that a first look at Cyborg may be just around the corner.

Since the release of the first official image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, fans have been asking if we’ll be getting a similar look at Cyborg any time soon.

Fisher, who will be appearing as Cyborg in the Batman Vs. Superman film before the Justice League and a solo Cyborg movie, has been responding to fans’ questions on twitter.


Responding to questions about whether we would be seeing a Cyborg suit soon Fisher gave a cryptic “Perhaps… :)”, suggesting that a first look at Cyborg may be closer than we think.

He also teased fans in replies regarding the general DC cinematic universe. While he didn’t give anything away, he did tell fans to be patient and that the wait will be well worth it.


Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to be released March 25, 2016, and will hopefully live up to the high expectations Ray Fisher has given us.


Sources: Twitter

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