Dwayne Johnson Hints at Shazam Debut

by Julian Bartlett
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Dwayne Johnson was present this weekend at the 87th Annual Academy Awards to present the Best Animated Picture award. In the near future Johnson will be playing Black Adam in the Shazam movie. It has already been confirmed that Shazam will be a part of the bigger DC cinematic universe. The solo film that would feature Johnson is slated for 2019 but The Rock gave hints that it may come a little sooner than expected.


MTV’s Josh Horowitz caught up with Johnson at the ceremonies and talked with him about how far away the movie is. Cutting Horowitz off Johnson gave a bit of a surprising answer.

“You know, it may happen a little earlier than what has been predicted,” Johnson told Horowitz at the Oscars. “The script is coming in, it’s great. The support from the studio has been great. And it is just a great opportunity especially with Black Adam where you can take a guy that starts off as bad guy turns into an anti-hero. We can make him vicious; a little bit of winking charm.”

captmarvelIt is still unknown who will be playing Shazam. It seems like casting the character will be a little more difficult than casting Billy Batson. Batson can be played by a well-seasoned teen. Shazam has to be played by a built, muscular actor who can also channel a young man at some times. When Horowitz asked Johnson if he knew who would be playing the iconic hero The Rock simply replied, “I don’t know yet.”



[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ghT7KWXsUE&w=560&h=315]


I’ve always felt that Shazam was an underappreciated part of the thunderworldDCU. Recently he has been added to the ranks of the Justice League and is getting a little more recognition. There is a long time until 2019 so there is a lot of time to get familiar with the character. For an easy one-shot read I would say pick up The Multiversity: New Thunderworld Adventures. In one easy read, you’re introduced to many different facets of the Shazam world.

Shazam is set to release April 5, 2019

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