Review- AQUAMAN #39

by Kate Kane
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Aquaman gets jungle fever as the Atlantian and his partner Mera encounter the Queen on her paradise island. Not the warm family reunion that they had planned as the two find themselves like a pair hot fishes out of water.

10928575_983807641637481_289705577_nJeff Parker takes us to a whole other world as he dives into ancient oceans to find the ever awesome Aquamom. This was a story I was waiting for as she isn’t the warm loving spouse that Arthur had hoped for. The issue definitely displays the hard grit and fortitude of Atlanna and a few hints of her backstory is revealed. As a start to this new saga, I really like the introduction now forged on shaky ground as it shows that not every reunion of characters has to be a happy one. And yes, I did notice that Mera checks Arthur’s mom out, best line of the entire issue!

11008973_983807774970801_572806473_nPaul Pelletier along with Rain Beredo continue their famous finesse with huge splashes pages of heated colors and amazing action poses. I loved the visuals that seeped from the pages as a feast for not only the eyes but the senses as well. These artists have both really taken us to another place in time in the issue adding subtle touches that really glue the whole motif of tribal islands together. If you love giant rock gods and torn tribal clothes you’re going to definitely enjoy the pages for this month.


11023285_983807724970806_589361125_nAquamom as we fans have fondly dubbed her, is a smashingly awesome new addition to the Aquaman saga. She sassy, sexy and doesn’t care that her “long lost” son is standing in front of her. I also love the small subtle jibs between her and Mera as I have a funny feeling that she will give her hell later on.  Her absolute strength and valour in this issue really shows what a ruler of the seas has to be but it also reveals that though she may rule with an iron fist, it’s only to protect the people that she has come to survive with. So far I’m impressed with her character and I really hope that she continues on this feisty path.


11004707_983807814970797_1850045478_nI honestly wish that Arthur wasn’t so whinny sometimes. He seems to want everything to be perfect from the word go but it’s not. Let it go Arthur! I’m hoping he will stop using his fists and use more of his inner strength to solve the issues with his mother. Also how the hell did the others find them? We spent almost 3 issues to get here and these guys just come waltzing through the time portal like it’s no big deal. I think it is a big deal! If I were Aquaman I would have been confused and annoyed as hell. So much for getting some of that one on one time with the family.


Aquaman is now stuck in a time disturbance as the Atlantians are about to start an all-out war with their former Queen. Stay tuned to find out if Arthur will be able to keep some sort of peace or if they will just become put in the crossfire.




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