Review: Deathstroke #5

by Matthew Lloyd
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Deathstroke #5. Writer and Penciller- Tony Daniel, Inker- Sandu Florea, Colorist- Tomeu Moery.

Deathstroke 5 Bat-punch

Deathstroke #5 is either the coolest comic of the month, or a book desperately looking to boost readership. Why?

1. Lots of violence.
2. Harley Quinn
3. Fight with Batman
4. A decapitation.

Review the above and consider your stance, before going forward….

Deathstroke 5 Rose and Jericho

Most of the issue deals with a fight between the title character and Batman with Harley Quinn annoyingly urging them both on. She may be doing this for a reason related to the Suicide Squad, but the whole fight doesn’t do a lot to push the story forward. In actuality, it really drags.

Deathstroke 5 Possum

After the fight, the book catches up with Rose and Jericho, Slade’s kids. Not surprisingly, they aren’t really sold on the man Rose believes will help Jericho. Just as she’s ready to back out, Jericho is put down and guess who pops in blades flying in decapitation mode? No, not dad- Grandad! Isn’t this where this arc started?

Deathstroke 5 Decapitation

The Positive

The internal monologue in Slade’s head was interesting and well done. It’s not often we get a first-hand account of Batman kicking someone’s butt from the kickee’s POV. Daniel can still draw Batman, and that was nice.

The Negative

This really seemed like an excuse to put Batman and Harley in an issue. The whole first half of the book is wasted on this fight that doesn’t move the story forward, or even the character forward. If he’d reached out to Batman for help or Batman had offered assistance after figuring out why Slade was in Gotham, it could’ve been meaningful as opposed to a mindless spectacle. Harley was just annoying.

Deathstroke 5 Grandad

The Verdict

This book is not for those who feel there is already too much violence in comics. Even the hardcore Harley and Batman fans will probably find this a waste of time. This book is reaching for readership.  If I bought it for the Harley and Bat-appearances, I would be disappointed.


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