Holy Hotel, Batman!

by Wes Whitfield
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Hardcore Batfans now have a place to stay on their next tropical holiday.

The Eden Motel in Taiwan is offering guests a change to stay in their very own Batcave. While the room itself isn’t new, recent pictures have doing the rounds online showing off this Gotham inspired room in all its bat-themed glory.

The “Batman” room comes complete with bat-bed, bat-side tables, bat-mirror, pretty much bat-everything. There’s even a tumbler shaped chair and a bat-T.V., just in case guests feel the need to top off their holiday with a Batman movie marathon.



It should be noted, though, that if you’re looking to stay at the Eden Motel the Bat-room comes with an hourly fee, not a nightly one. Perfect for busy vigilantes trying to catch a few Z’s while on night patrol… among other things.

Sources: ComicBook.com & Yahoo Travel.

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