Arrow is Getting a New Villain

Arrow receives a large amount of criticism about having Green Arrow be too much like Batman. I can see where this comes from but I honestly don’t mind. It was fun to watch Ollie fight Ra’s al Ghul. Other than the giant Ra’s and the League of Assassins arc I don’t see a lot of other Batman similarities. Now Arrow should be prepared to receive a little more flack due to some interesting news that just surfaced. Team Arrow will be facing a new villain at the end of season three and he could have ties to the Bat-verse.


TVLine is speculating that Damian Wayne will soon be making an appearance in Starling. A new character is being referred to as “Damian Dark.” You could see how TVLine came to that conclusion. Damian as in Damian Wayne and Dark as in the Dark Knight. Here is the report from their spoiler column.

“The show’s Season 3 finale will introduce a major, formidable, fierce new foe for Oliver, and his reign of terror will continue well into Season 4. The mysterious character is being referred to internally as “Damian Dark,” which got Matt Mitovich and I (but mostly MM) pulling up and skimming the Wiki page of one Damian Wayne. Get it? Damian Wayne. Son of the Dark Knight. They’d probably have to tweak the Bruce Wayne connection, but it’s a plausible theory, no?”

Since I doubt Gotham would have any chance to bring Damian into the picture why not bring him into Starling City. It could be a fun story arc if Thea in fact becomes Speedy. Two young “side-kicks” ready to prove themselves. Since Gotham and Arrow aren’t technically in the same universe this could happen. Damian could even vaguely mention Bruce. No names or anything, but definitely a nod to his rich, playboy, and vigilante father.


After checking TVLine again it seems they have a new theory on who could be coming to Starling. It looks like another option could be Damien Darhk. Darhk is a H.I.V.E operative and that would make a little more sense than Damian Wayne. With H.I.V.E having major ties to Deathstroke this could lead to another interesting story line. Teen Titans tie-in anybody?


Arrow comes back to The CW March 18 at 8/7c

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Source: CB & TVLine