With worlds about to collide, Injustice now faces the looming possibly that everyone is now at risk of being swallowed by magic. As the two unearthly beings duke it out above, the heroes are left below to strategize  a possible working solution.

2Brain Buccellato gives us a rather emotional issue with the first few scenes of Huntresses’ death being felt by the Batman group. As much as the grieving is short lived, this text heavy issue is all about trying to find the heroes’ next escape. I like the fact that all the minds on the Batman team seem to be proactive, whereas everyone on Superman’s team is rendered absolutely useless. Is this what happens when they lose their powers? They become so helpless and they can’t think of anything? You know guys, Batman has never had powers and this is why his team is all the brains and the other is all the brawn.

3Mike S Miller plucked at my heart strings in this issue as a teary Batwoman was depicted with such emotion alongside the solemn Renee and Catwoman, you can see the pain that each face has and the absolute sadness behind the characters eyes. The amount of passion that was drawn was only strengthened by J Nanjan’s colors. I felt the all the fortitude that was suppressing the grief even from Damien as he came face to face with Dick, there was a deep scorn to be seen in all the characters expressions.


1The deeply emotional issue really makes me remember just how much I love these characters. It’s the fact that we, as readers, have grown with this story and now come to almost be a part of their lives every week. So when a giant impact of a huge death hits us, we feel it just as much as the characters in the story. It was extremely well done from both the artists and writers perspectives and I really loved the realism of the whole issue. The fact that they were allowed to have a moment to cry but then told that it was a little luxury and that bigger things were coming flowed with the story and gave the whole issue that doomsday feeling.


5Hello Renee Montoya! Not only were you back with the group all of a sudden but somehow in the middle of being flashed back to the house, you have also changed your outfit. Her character as well as Harley’s disappearance was a massive inconsistency though these last two issues and I’m disappointed that the regularity of the characters has somehow been broken. Renee is just as important as the other characters and if they can manage to remember everyone else they can remember her too!


Injustice now has one shot as both teams call a semi-truce to try to stable out the hellfire above them but I don’t think everyone is planning to play nice. Stay tuned to see if Deadman’s plan will work or if someone is about to unravel their once chance of staying away from hell.




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