Batgirl Rises Exclusive: We Interview Lindsay Heath

Here at DC Comics News we have always been big supporters of Fan based films and this time we focus on the upcoming fan film, Batgirl Rises. This is a fan film that is unique in its own right, every sense of the story, how the characters are formed, and it’s plot. Batgirl Rises captures the importance of iconic female characters in the DC world, capturing both their meaning and purpose. This is a unique story, with a brilliant crew and cast.


A young determined librarian desperately seeks the truth after her brothers disappearance with a mysterious woman.


Lindsay Heath: (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl)
Constance Brenneman: (Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn)
Devon Coull: (James Gordon Jr.)
Robert Angelic Granger: (Johnny Vitti)

Director/Screenplay: Vincent Tran
Written By: Danny Saab
Produced By: Danny Saab & Mike Leblanc

In this exclusive interview we go head to head with Lindsay Heath who plays the duel role of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. Our Q/A interview was conduced by site owner Damian Fasciani. We hope you enjoy it.

1. DCN (DC Comics News): How did you get the opportunity to play Batgirl and what inspiration have you drawn upon to build out the character?

LH (Lindsay Heath) : I sent the director, Vincent, an audition tape as the character Harley Quinn. I was quite proud of my mischievous Harley laugh. I suppose Vincent saw something he liked, too!
My inspiration for Barbra was simply that of a sister. I have four younger siblings, three of which I care for very deeply. The thought of protecting them from harm drove me. The fourth sibling knows who they are.

2. DCN: The comic book world is dominated by leading male characters (for the majority), what does it mean to have a show centred on a female character and what does it mean to you personally?

Batgirl Rises

LH:It makes me sad that so many attempts to build up women are seen as a slight to men. I’d like to think Batgirl is about empowering females and not looking to knock anyone down a notch. The superhero universe is teeming with misfits and outsiders- it only makes sense to be inclusive.

3. DCN: Can you share with us the training you had to go through to physically prepare for the role?

LH: Guys. We literally learned the choreography one day and the performed it a few days later. The fact that I could pull it off was because of my very patient choreographer and fight partners. My usual combat strategy, primarily again my sister, is to play dead.

4. DCN: Batgirl Rises is an origin story of an iconic character that is being formed, how important do you feel it may or may not be to lay the foundation to the character for fans before getting to the “superhero” component of a story? Did you take anything away from other origin stories? Possibly like Batman Begins?

LH: If you don’t get the opportunity to see these heroes and villains as real people then they’re just cartoons. When you know their back story you shift from watching for entertainment to having a relationship with these characters. You care what happens to them.

5. DCN: Can you share with us any future linked projects you may be working on in the future?

LH:  A feature I was involved with called Old Fashioned recently hit theatres. It’s about-you guessed it-a couple attempting an old fashioned relationship in today’s somewhat chivalrous-less society. The movie has a wonderful message-but my character wants to drink, party and say nonsense things.

6. DCN: A fun question, our DC fans would like to know if you could be any superhero who would you be and why?

LH: Can I be Brienne? The woman knight from the sapphire shores of Tarth via Game of Thrones? Does she count? She’s a lethal mix of honor and badassery. Can I say badassery?

7. DCN: Music plays a huge role in building and setting a story, did you have a say in the music behind the scenes?

LH: I had very little say in the music. Those violins were pretty eerie- But I do give the music my completely inessential stamp of approval!

Check out the International Trailer below

The Batgirl Rises Pilot


DC Comics News would like to extend a huge thank you to Director Vincent Tran for co-ordinating the work behind making the interview happen, and also a big thanks to Lindsay Heath for her time. She is brilliant!

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