Review: Grayson #8

by Matthew Lloyd
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Grayson #8. Tom King- Writer, Tim Seeley & Tom King- Plot, Mikel Janin- Artist, Jeromy Cox- Colorist.

Grayson 8 Double Narrative

I love a mystery! If you do, too then this is an issue for you! This issue answers some questions, but raises others. It’s told in an alternating panel format for the most part, except when it focuses on our title character, Dick Grayson.

Grayson 8 Remove Bold

Who is Mr. Minos? We’ve had clues over the course of the past few issues, and Grayson #8 adds to the mystery, but what do we really know? The issue opens with two confessions told simultaneously, one by Minos to Helena and one by Minos to an un-identified “reporter.” Neither of them ends in an expected fashion. Minos gets Helena’s crossbow from her and puts a bolt through her chest, but don’t worry, she’s not dead. After he leaves her she manages to crawl away for help. She’s discovered by Dr. Netz and she takes her to Grayson, who’s working out in the gym much to the delight of the students of St. Hadrian’s Finishing School.

Grayson 8 Girls Help Out


Dick ends up tracking Minos down, saves Agent 1, and they face off against a reconstructed Paragon. Dick shows why tactics, training and intelligence can beat brawn and power, but ends up getting a last minute save from Helena as she returns the favor to Minos with a crossbow bolt through the chest. But is it really Minos? And just who is that reporter anyway?

Grayson 8 Acrobatics


This issue does a nice job wrapping up the first story arc while planting the seeds for what comes next. Overall, Seeley and King have done a nice job telling individual stories that fit in a larger framework. This issue is no exception. Anyone can pick this up and enjoy it, AND be excited by the twist ending. Some other highlights were the girls jumping in to follow Dick and try and give assistance, and as always the portrayal of Mr. Grayson.   This certainly the most confident and capable he’s been portrayed since the launch of The New 52.  Can’t forget the double confession from the opening, this was a very creative way to present both scenes.

Grayson 8 Helena Returns the Favor


Very hard to find a negative in this issue. Don’t think I can do it.

Grayson 8 Hot Reporter


The Verdict

Great wrap up to the Paragon storyline. Strong characterization across the board. The surprises and twists make coming back for issue #9 in June a must. The creative team is putting out a quality book consistently and doing so in a manner that is accessible to new readers. Go buy this book and then get the other issues, you’ll be glad you did.  Oh, and that reporter- Kathy Kane?


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