Review- Green Arrow #40


Green Arrow now uses all the help he can get to try and take down the King. He rallies all the troops into a one last show down to take back control of his city.

6Ben Sokolowski didn’t do that bad a job circling up this story. Though abrupt, all the loose ends were nicely tied up and the story, I felt, had a rather positive ending. It’s always hard having these huge story arcs that need to be summed up in one issue but this one had something for everyone, it had drama, suspense, action and even that one kill shot panel. They caught the bad guy and saved the city, isn’t that what the story of a superhero is all about? Green Arrow did shine as the star at the end of the issue too and I’m glad that it focused on him getting that almost “happy ending” he wanted. I was actually surprised that this DC story did not have a tragic ending for once.

3Daniel Sampere, Daniel Henriques and Gabe Elateb continue their amazing display of artists talent. With huge splash pages of leaping action and epic costuming, the artwork in this series is worth every page. I’m glad that the guys took the story out with a bang and really went to town with all their panel angling and depth of field. It was a really detailed issue and I’m sure that every superhero on those pages would have been proud to be drawn by this team.


5Once again Felicity smashed out the humor in this issue. She really has grown on me as a character and I now kind of want to see her in her own costume as a character. She went from just being hum drum normal gal to one of the wittiest members of the team. She gave the comic humour but also stayed true to her form and that punch to the face was just gutsy! She deserves a round of applause for being the bigger woman in all of it.


2The few small issues with the story in this issue were all the other surprise superheros. They slightly served little purpose and were only in the issue briefly. Honestly I think Green Arrow and Batman could have probably handled this one without the entourage. If you’re going to add some backup at least give them some page time too and not just put them in for the sake of it. I know it was more or less it was to tie up loose ends but I just feel like I missed out on some really cool one liners because of it.


Green Arrow now is back to doing what he does best, protecting his city and the people in it. With the King now out of the way and his new team starting to blossom he can prowl the roof tops easily sending the message that he will always be watching and helping those in need.