More Rogues and Time Travel for The Flash

by Julian Bartlett
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Next week The Flash will finally be returning to The CW. Fans were forced to endure a brief hiatus after seeing not only Reverse-Flash unmasked but also Gorilla Grodd. Needless to say it was an amazing thirty-five seconds. The batch of new Flash episodes look to be full of new faces, and the new trailer has me thrilled for the weeks to come. A few new Rogues join up and Barry will run through time.

When The Flash comes back with “Out of Time” the new Weather Wizard will make his debut. Of course Cisco was ready for that one. “He’d have to be a Weather Wizard. Oooh, been waiting since week one to use that one.” The following week Captain Cold and Heatwave will be back in Central City. This time they won’t be alone. Leonard Snart is accompanied by his little sister Lisa, also known as Golden Glider.


The most anticipated appearance will come at the end of the month. Mark Hamill played Trickster in the 90’s Flash series and he will reprise the role on March 31st. The Trickster has spent twenty years behind bars and has come up with the “perfect trick.” Mark Hamill is a DC regular. He also has voiced The Joker on numerous occasions.

Barry is still deep in his investigation to find his mothers killer. Thanks to Joe and the mirror Barry knowns he will soon go back in time as The Flash and confront the man in the yellow suit. The fight is coming soon. Will it happen in the present or the past? The promo promises that the last five minutes of “Out of Time” will “change the course of history.”


Don’t miss The Flash March 17th at 8/7c on The CW

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