Post Convergence Talk with Jim Lee and Dan DiDio

by Julian Bartlett
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April is inching closer and closer each week. That means that Convergence is almost upon us. DC continuity will be imploding in on itself all over the pages of your favorite monthly books. After Convergence wraps up we already know that DC will be ditching the “New 52” tag. So what can we expect from this new direction DC has decided to take. Luckily co-publisher Dan DiDio and Jim Lee broke down the plans for DC’s future.

JIM LEE: It’s a big launch. I think it differs from what we did four years ago in the New 52. We are sort of updating the line, but selectively. Rather than having 52 books all in the same continuity and really focusing on keeping a universe that is tightly connected and has super-internal consistency and really like one flavor, we’ve really kind of broken it up. We’ll have a core line of twenty-five books that will have that internal consistency that will consist of our best-selling books. The rest of the line of about twenty-four titles will be allowed to really shake things up a little bit. We’re really asking the creators to put stories and characters first and really focus on canon than continuity.

bc1As Lee mentioned there will be a big number of new series’ coming out in June. A few DC women will be getting their own solo books. Also there will be plenty of familiar faces featured in stories that you never imagined. With this new set of books coming DiDio acknowledges that probably not all the new series’ will be success.

DAN DIDIO: When we launched the New 52, we knew a percentage of the line would fail or be canceled. This is a natural progression about how we launch a book, how it sells over a period of time, and ultimately how long it stays before it needs to be replaced with another series. But that doesn’t prevent you from trying things. I can tell you what I’ll get out of a Justice League book or a normal Batman book or Superman book. I can’t tell what I’m going to get out of PREZ or BLACK CANARY or any of these things. Actually, that’s kind of fun. When those things works, that’s what gets us excited. That’s the part that gets me really jazzed.

Aside from all the new #1’s coming out in June the core 25 will be the books that keep continuity. Both DiDio and Lee say right away that the status quo is changed for Batman, Superman, and Justice League. It won’t just be business as usual. These title are going to be elevated to new heights.

DAN DIDIO: We have the change in status quo on SUPERMAN, BATMAN and the JUSTICE LEAGUE storyline. That’s the reason that’s there. In fact, every team was challenged saying, “We have all these new #1s. You have to do something that makes your book stand out. You can’t just sit back and do the same thing. Everyone else is trying to push in new directions. Take the opportunity and do the same thing on the ongoing books too.” It was mentioned that Batwoman will come back and they may even already be talking to people about it. MIDNIGHTER was not meant to “fill a void.”

I’ve already updated and added a bunch to my pull-list at my local comic shop. Convergence already had DC fans excited. Now to hear a little bit about what is coming post-Convergence is just the cherry on top. To check out the full interview with Jim Lee and Dan DiDio click here.


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