Dominic Purcell is signed to the new DC Arrow-Flash spinoff

by DL Salazar
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Dominic Purcell reprises role as Mick Rory (Heat Wave) in Arrow-Flash spinoff coming to The CW next year.


Devious Duo Capt. Cold & Heat Wave

Devious Duo Capt. Cold & Heat Wave

The highly successful Arrow show on The CW seems to be a breeding ground for subsequent successful spinoff shows. Why stop at one when you can have a second? Creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim couldn’t agree more as the spinoff is set to feature The Flash’s devious duo of Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and the newly dubbed Heat Wave, A.K.A. Dominic Purcell. Neither Miller nor Purcell have had consistent work since their brotherly love days on Fox’s show Prison Break. The two seem to have nearly reprized their roles as Miller plays the ever cool-headed and calculating Captain Cold, similar to his Prison Break role as the brother with the brains and Purcell is again the brawn with a hot temper in his role as Heat Wave. If it’s not broke . . . don’t fix it.

Speaking of . . . the executive producer trio of Berlanti, Kreisberg and Guggenheim (exec. Producers of both Arrow and Flash) will have the added expertise of Warner Bros-based Berlanti Productions president Sarah Schechter overseeing the project.Flash-vs-Arrow-fists

Joining the pair on the new spinoff slated to come about sometime midseason next year is Arrow’s Brandon Routh who plays Ray Palmer and becomes The A.T.O.M. So far he is the only Arrow character to crossover into the new series with the exception of Caity Lotz (Sara Lance). No word yet whether Lotz will continue with her original role of the Black Canary, or if she will don a new mask. With Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) taking over the role of the Black Canary on Arrow, I should think it highly unlikely since The CW does like their crossover episodes. It might be a bit awkward for two Black Canary’s to show up on screen. I’m betting Lotz gets a new role, but the fact that she looks like Sara Lance will somehow be written into the script so that the whole Arrow-Flash secondary spinoff-world is cohesive.

Arrow-Flash spinoff characters

Arrow-Flash spinoff characters

The last character (thus far) to be enveloped into the spinoff is Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber), who you will recall had merged with the character of Ronnie (Robbie Amell) to become Firestorm. Amell has not signed onto the cast of the new spinoff as of now and there are no rumors of him doing so as of yet. However, the not-so-rumor going around is that there will be three major characters from the DC Universe who have yet to be portrayed in a television series, expanding the DC Comics TV Universe once again. Keep it growing CW!

We look forward to telling you just who those characters will be as the news breaks. Stay tuned for more exciting news on The CW’s second spinoff from the Arrow-Flash world, coming soon to a TV near you!


The following Flash and Arrow trailers recently released have intense spoilers for the upcoming episodes of both series featuring Ray Palmer as The Atom, and the duo of Captain Cold/Heat Wave preempting the series spinoff for next year. Buckle your seat belts DC Comics Fans, these are bound to rattle your cages!



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