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by Julian Bartlett
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This weeks DC All Access was packed with tons of fun stuff from all over the DC Universe. We got our first look at the new animated Batman feature Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts and the creative team behind Arrow talk a little bit about what goes into putting the show together each week. DCAA even ended the show by giving fans a chance to win some cool Shazam merch.


DCAA provided the first exclusive clip from Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts and it was action packed. The clip features the Dark Knight facing off against a group known as the “Animalitia.” Also in the clip, the Emerald Archer showcases his bow skills by taking down a few moving targets. This new installment to the animated Batman movie line-up will be the most family friendly in quite a few entries. Less dark and gritty and back to the more classic explosion and wit approach. The last two films, Son of Batman and Assault on Arkham, were both not suited for children. With the adult situations and bloody action it is easy to see that DC has been targeting an older audience more recently. Batman Unlimited has already been given so much respect by fans that people are demanding a show on Cartoon Network.


Last week on Arrow we all know Ollie received an intriguing offer from Ra’s al Ghul. DCAA got an exclusive interview with the writers of “The Offer,” Beth Schwartz and Brian Ford Sullivan.

DCAA: How far out do you guys start working on the episode?

Beth: Each season we brainstorm big seasonal arcs.This is something that’s been in the works for a while. We knew that conversation was going to happen.

Brian: The whole theme of the season has been identity. Ya know, “Am I Oliver Queen? Am I the Arrow?” Now we’re sort of saying if he’s not Oliver and he’s not the Arrow maybe he’s Ra’s al Ghul.

DCAA: What was the easiest scene for you guys to write on “The Offer?”

Beth: It was the Ray/Felicity scene where they’re flirting and Oliver walks in as the third wheel.

Brian: Definitely the Lance/Arrow scene when he tells him that he’s done. That big emotions of telling him, “you lied about Sara’s death.”

To hear the full interview you can check out the DC All Access episode below. Not only is there more from the Arrow writers, the DCAA crew shows off fan-made iZombie selfies. Watch the whole video to find out how to enter to win Shazam Vol. 1 and Shazam/Superman Return of Black Adam.


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