Review: Batman Arkham Knight #5

Hi DC fans! If you are looking for a way to pass the time while waiting for the highly anticipated game Arkham Knight to arrive, then you should start reading the Batman Arkham Knight comic book series. This week we review book five in the series which is titled, The Last Will and Testament of the Joker Part 2 of 3.

In this edition the reign of terror hovering over Gotham City continues with its delivery of a powerful inception to the story. We see Commissioner Gordon holding his gun, with a “Joker style” grin on his face laughing! The story in this edition has an essence of urgency and chaos about it. The Police department are in a state of shock due to Gordon’s condition and this plays a role in Batman’s state of mind.


Convinced that Harley Quinn has assisted in architecting the demise of the city and poison that has affected Gordon, Batman wants answers and he is in no mood for games.

What I liked about this Edition!

  • Fast paced story that draws you in immediately, kept me wanting more.
  • I am a sucker for the visual effect of a comic book. The artwork is brilliant, Viktor Bogdanovic penciled while Art Thibert was responsible for Inks, and John Rauch looking after the color. The expression, tone, and mood of this edition comes out in the artwork and design of the main characters in Harley and the Dark Knight.
  • The story is sharp and straight to the point. I’ve found in certain stories there can be side and sub plots which can detract you from the main purpose of a comic. Not here! Keeps you moving and on track.


What could have been improved

  • The edition is a little short. Would be great if the length was extended out further.

Overall, this edition keeps the overall story line moving at a frantic pace, we get to see a very focused and determined detective in the Dark Knight that has a fresh focus on Harley Quinn. He wants answers, and wants them now. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Great read!

My Rating


Damian Fasciani

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