Review: Gotham Academy #6

by Max Eber
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Gotham Academy #6  written by Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher with art by Karl Kerschl, Mingue Helen Chen colors by Msassyk and Serge Lapointe and lettering by Steve Wands continues on with a bang (literally).

Batman is here and he has it out for Killer Croc, who for those who have yet to follow but may want to, has been hiding out in Gotham Academy’s walls (literally). Not, however if Olive has anything to do with it! She lights a ton of fireworks causing a huge explosion to get him away. Croc however protects her. We then learn more bout him and Olive’s mom, Sybil. They were cell neighbors in old Arkham and it’s implied Sybil, like Olive, had trances or fdsdfsefheightened states that co-incides with fire generation and manipulation. Croc said Sybil really didn’t belong there and the kindness Sybil showed Croc becomes established between Croc and Olive as well. It’s very sweet. We also explore the history of Millie Jane Cobblepot, the assumed ghost and topic of conversation between the characters.

This being the end of the first arc it concludes with the group solidifying as a “Detective Club”. Their new mission will be to figure out the connection between Arkham Ayslum and Gotham Academy. We also have a teaser for Damian Wayne joining the school (most likely for Bruce) which confirmed by future covers shows that Robin will indeed be making an appearance.


sdfsdsArt in Gotham Academy as per usual is extraordinary; colorful, bright fun and animated it’s all very well done and well integrated work. It’s hard to look at it and imagine it actually at one point was lacking color and that someone who is not the main artist had to color it in. The color composition is one of the best in DC right now; it’s bright, moody, otherworldly, it’s just pretty to look at and would seamlessly lend its entire aesthetic towards animation. Mingue Helen Chen’s contribution to flashbacks and to Damian’s side adventure is pretty and I hope DC keeps hiring artists like this for all of their books.

The story is good. It’s brimming with cool ideas and while I feel there are still some stuff I’d like to know about the actual school in general, this is not a bad if not simple opening arc. Not everything has to be huge and the more domestic storyline here is welcome in a crowded superhero line-up.



Few. It’s been slow to get here but Gotham Academy is more of a domestic book and I appreciate the shades of grey (literally and not literal) approach towards Killer Croc. There still are a lot of questions to be answered but this far it’s off to a succinct start. I’m eager to learn more about Olive and her mom. Damian attending/as a plant raises an eyebrow, he looks a bit older than he currently is in other comics in the previews for his future guest appearence. To my knowledge he’s twelve and is quite short. Everyone else in this comic seems older so I’m curious to see how this is going to work.


This is a good book, Gotham Academy has very appealing characters, is more or less teen and kid friendly, gorgeous artwork and a cool aesthetic begging to be made into an animated series; no reason not to invest so go get it!


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