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Batwoman officially sees her end in the final annual of the series. With the world transported back to the medieval age, Batwoman must battle not only her outer demons but her inner ones as well.

6Andreyko finally got something right. As much as my heart sinks to see Kate disappear from the pages of her story, at least Andreyko gave her the closure she deserves. After watching the creation of Kate Kane and her relationships come to life, I’m glad to see that even without the ending we all wanted, was given a dreaming hope that Maggie forgave her and that Batwoman got the happy ending she longed for. Its bitter sweet to see the series end but I’m so joyful to know that Kate has not only gotten her sister back but the love of her life as well. I will miss my courageous red head as she was the inspiration for so many women who read comics and a unique individual that proved that if you soldiered on, you could achieve anything.

2George Jeanty finishes his work on the series with boldly colored panels and a mix of medieval suits with modern day fight scenes. I happened to actually like the costume changes but it didn’t save the issue from some of the shortcuts taken on the smaller panels and how a huge chunk of the details had been lost.


4Finally Kate sees the light at the end of the tunnel. The last page was the saving grace all Batwoman fans had been hoping for and after being jerked around from heart ache to heart break, I was proud to see the woman that we had all loved once again return to the pages and stand up to do the right thing. No doubt Alice had to give her a good boot to get her to do the right thing but as the first thing after returning home, I loved that she ran to Maggie, back to the place she really did belong. Even if the ground ahead could be rocky, I know in my heart these two will re-discover just how much they were meant to be soul mates. I wanted to actually thank everyone involved in the creation and story of Batwoman, from Rucka to Blackmore and even Andreyko (though it took him awhile to get it right) and to all the artists, Williams to Haun to Jeanty, I couldn’t have asked for more from all of them in bringing the most amazing character to life, her inspiration will always be remembered and still enjoyed for years to come.


5I’m going to miss Red Alice terribly. For the short time she was given to us fans, it feels a shame to have her dart out of the story just as quickly as she had appeared. She was witty, funny and I wanted to see her become closer to her sister, watch them face fears and strive through relationships. But once again it seems we lose the best far too quickly. I will also miss Maggie Sawyer, having fallen in love with her since Elegy, I found myself always in her corner and I’m going to miss not only her beauty but compassion and her love for Kate. It’s going to be hard to lose not only Batwoman but these two amazing ladies as well.


Batwoman has come to her final end; sleep well my red and black angel for I know all of the fans will continue to enjoy your story in other works. Maybe one day you will return to us, better, stronger and with more fight than ever before. We will miss you.




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