Review- HARLEY QUINN #16

by Kate Kane
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A rag tag team of gangsters is needed in this week’s Harley Quinn to help out our troublesome villain who is attempting to have a normal life. But since when is anything Harley does normal!

3Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner now expand the red and black costume out to more Harley hooligans to help out their favourite villain. This was a cool idea but I have to agree with Ivy, I can see it going horribly wrong for our poor trickster. Then again it wouldn’t be Harley if someone didn’t lose a tooth or an eye or maybe a limb? It’s nice to see that they have given Harley a somewhat normal life though, she does things that everyone else wants to do and boy can she eat! I love seeing a girl devour a plate of fries just as fast as I can.

4Chad Hardin cracks off the huge team of artists for the issue as John Timms tackles the highly detailed pages for the first half of the issue. These guys smash out such realistic work and I absolutely swoon over the color palette on all the characters. Alex Sinclair and Paul Mounts take the second half of the issue throwing out the classic Harley and had the incredible task of drawing up all those epic Harley suits. Though the colors are a little more simplified, I still love the huge details that have been popped into the pages especially with the body language.


5The super suits are amazing! I’m a huge costume nut so to see all these new designs just makes me squee like a school girl. Any excuse to make a new cosplay and I’m in especially when Harley explains the color choice, hides stains really well. I loved how all the suits are tailored to each person in the gang and that there is even a gender bender in the group, way to go dude Harley! Also the blind girl was sweet; as promised Harley had a spot for her even with the disability Harley values her team. Also shout out to John J. Hill! The panel of him being chained down and forced to work for Conner and Palmiotti was pure hilariousness! I loved it so much and every time these guys break the forth wall it’s just perfection.


2No Ivy!!! Don’t go!!! Harley needs you! This was so sad, I loved having Ivy around so much and though I know she will be back I was kind of getting used to the duo being best buddies. She’s the balance that Harley seems to need and as I like to say she’s the black that matches Harleys red. I just hope she’s not gone for too long and that she comes home to her little trouble maker.


With Harley Quinn now on hiatus, we Harley fans will have to wait for the rest of this epic adventure. So stay tuned to see if Harleys newest gang idea pays off or causes her more trouble than it was worth.




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