Kreisberg talks plans for the CW-verse.

by Wes Whitfield
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During Wondercon on Sunday, executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg, talked about upcoming plans for the CW-verse.

Andrew Kreisberg answered questions about future plans for both Arrow and The Flash during a Wondercon panel with cast members Candice Patton (Iris), Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin), and Carlos Valdes (Cisco).

He revealed that Laurel Lance, played by Katie Cassidy, will be making an appearance on The Flash. According to Kreisberg, Laurel will be getting help from Cisco with a new version of the canary cry, one which will be closer to its comic book counterpart.

When answering questions about whether any other characters, such as Wally West or Black Flash, will be making any appearances on the show Kreisberg conceded that nothing was off the table.

“If there’s something that existed in the Flash universe, no matter how crazy or how silly, there’s a good chance it’ll be on the show.”

He also talked about the still-in-production Arrow/Flash spinoff series saying

“…if “Arrow” is gritty crime drama and “Flash” is heart and humor, the spinoff will be “insanity and off the rails,” and the next seasons of “Flash” and “Arrow” will both work to set up the spinoff.”

On the same panel, Carlos Valdes answered questions about the possibility of Cisco becoming Vibe. He said while he hopes it happens, he can’t comment on any future possibilities and prefers to focus on what he’s currently working on.

To read more about what the rest of the cast had to say head on over to Comic Book Resources.


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