Review: Convergence Justice League of America #1

Justice League Detroit Returns in Convergence Justice League of America #1 written by Fabian Nicieza, CrissCross on art, Snakebite on color, Rob Leigh letterer.fff

Like many of the other issues this one opens on a nostalgic note; Ralph and Sue Dibny together on the same page, alive, I believe for the first time since their deaths during 2004’s Identity Crisis (correct me if I’m wrong but the writing is awfully cheeky to the fact this is the first time we’ve seen this in a long, long time). This time we’re given a recap; yes everyone of the rag-tag Detriot League had lost their powers, but now they’re back and everyone is rusty. All hell however breaks loose when Zatanna then triggers a booby trap from none other than Tangent Secret Six.


Well…it’s nice to see Ralph and Sue Dibny and (urgh that codename) Gypsy and Vibe, and hey, Vixen (remember Vixen who they shelved in the new continuity after a disastrous Justice League International?). This issue at least follows them after the fact, it’s been a bit repetitive to keep reading everyone suddenly losing powers and then getting them back. Otherwise these issues have become rather similar in structure. Sue Dibny is heavily involved so there’s that to look forward to.


dfdfgUnfortunately the grotesque artwork here is really not good and ultimately distracting. There are some good pages and moments (the ones I’ve used here) where it is like “That’s not that bad”, but then faces, especially the women, suddenly deflate any pretense towards this art being truly appealing. The coloring is similarly a bit muddled and overzealous though as shown here can be rather nice. Fabian is not writing at his best, and I always thought he was a generally okay writer. Gypsy comes off pretty strong in this surprisingly (which is a positive!). However the later fight scenes are so incoherent art and story wise I’m not sure what is going on here.


Yet another Convergence issue that ends with our heroes truly about to skirmish. It won’t be until next month that we’ll know where this event is really going. It’s fun for what it is getting characters off the bench in a way but I’m not going to be happy if they’re then slaughtered. Hopefully with Justice League of America we’ll be rewarded with a bombastic showdown between this motley team versus that of Tangent.