The Flash Promotional Image Teases Barry’s Future – Justice League Easter Egg

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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A promotional image of The Flash, released via the show’s official Facebook fan page teases the future of the Scarlet Speedster.

You may have thought The Flash could not have any more revelations this season, after all, Harrison Wells/Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne is a character with a plethora of secrets that has brought many twists and turns to the story. I was wrong about the show’s ability to reveal more secrets during the first season. Teasing future storylines, Gideon, the A.I. helping Dr. Wells, talks to Barry, telling him about his future with the Justice League but is interrupted by Barry’s curiosity. You can check the promotional image for next week’s episode below.


So Barry as The Flash will eventually become a founding member of the Justice League. That just opens the door to an infinite number of stories the CW universe will tell in the years to come.

Let me just add that the CW’s Reverse Flash looks so cool in comic book form.

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