Suicide Squad: Joker Revealed!!!!

David Ayer just released a pic of Jared Leto as the Joker!!

In celebration of the Joker’s 75th year since making his debut in comics! David Ayer has released a pic of Jared Leto as the “Clown Prince of Crime!”

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Thomas ODonnell

Thomas ODonnell

My love of comics started at the age of 5, when visions of mythic beings fought their way across my TV screen. Batman '66, Super Friends, Wonder Woman, and Superman '78 filled my early childhood with imagination and adventure. Soon enough I found the spinner rack! Batman, Justice League and DC's Who's Who kept me coming back for more. I've seen the death of hope, justice broken, a light extinguished, and a universe torn! A kingdom come, the lightning return, a triumph of evil and a multiverse reborn!