Review: Arrow Episode 20 “The Fallen”

by David Hestand III
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This week, Oliver went forth and became the head of the League of Assassins.  This featured some history lessons on what the League is and represents.  Surprisingly, nearly all of this Arrow took place in Nanda Parbat.  Also, still no sign of the Arrow suit, but he did get a new suit to replace it.

Which is not to say it was uneventful.  There was a lot going on here.  Felicity dumped Ray.  Felicity got Ray to loan them a jet to get them to Nanda Pabat.  The team brought Thea’s body in to use the pit.  Oliver agreed to become the Heir to the Demon.  Felicity had an argument with Ra’s that led him to tell her to confess her feelings.  Felicity and Oliver had sex.  Felicity drugged him to try to sneak him out of Nanda Parbat.  Maseo saves them from being killed.  Oliver wakes up and goes back.  Maseo confesses to helping and Ra’s spares him.  Felicity goes to Laurel (who was mostly absent this week) for comfort.  Ra’s introduces Al-Sahim aka The Arrow.

Oh, you thought this week was all about Oliver?


The mourning time at the beginning of the episode was excellent.  Both Amell and Barrowman performed wonderfully in their sorrow at the loss of Thea.  That feeling carried over quite well into the scenes at Nanda Parbat leading up to the actual resurrection of Thea.  Is is actually a resurrection?  They made it seem like she was not actually fully dead, which is a little annoying.  Ra’s is a better killer than that.  Equally excellent moment was the farewell between Oliver and

I also would like to continue praising Matt Nable’s performance as Ra’s.  Some may still argue whether he really has the look down perfectly, but he sure does have the presence.  The man commands all attention when he is on screen, and he definitely has the feel of being around for well over a century.  Plus, the arrow logo from the opener being the brand was quite the nice touch.


Could we please focus in on Oliver a bit more?  Oliver is the one making a life-changing change, yet this week felt clearly about how Felicity was handling it.  Add in her trying to boss around Malcolm and Ra’s and her ability to actually knock out a League member with a spear and you’ve got a bit of an eye-rolling week for Felicity Smoak.

If we keep having Ra’s only mostly kill people, he’s going to lose a heck of a lot of credibility.  I mean seriously, this is getting excessive.  First they say Oliver didn’t fully die.  Now, Thea didn’t fully die, but was basically comatose forever.  Can the man please finish the job for once?

Where was Laurel?  Why would Oliver not talk to her at all about what is going on?  Heck, the death of Thea makes Roy leaving last week even stranger.  It is a shame that the response to the death of a major character is focused more on a romantic partner for her brother rather than actual mourning by the people close to her.  Her life mattered to more than just two members of Team Arrow.

The Verdict

“The Fallen” was a great episode of Arrow when the focus was in the right place.  Unfortunately that was happening very little.


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