Countdown to Grodd

After Tuesday night’s episode of The Flash the S.T.A.R. Labs team is finally realizing how much of a threat Dr. Wells/Reverse-Flash is turning out to be. After finding out that Wells has been keeping a very close watch over Barry, The Flash races to find Iris and protect her from the Reverse-Flash. While doing so Wells snatches Eddie and the detective hears first hand about his evil lineage. This episode left me, as always, wanting to watch more and more. “Barry Allen, you will die,” were the last words uttered by Dr. Wells as the episode wrapped up Tuesday evening. The final showdown between Barry Allen and Dr. Wells is sure to be on a level that we haven’t seen yet on a television show. Only three episodes remain this season on The Flash and Executive Producer Greg Berlanti promises that each episode will be better than the last.

Three things are certain for The Flash in the coming weeks. The Flash and Reverse-Flash will undoubtedly have another face-to-face. Gorilla Grodd will come to terrorize Central City. And finally, The Rogues will take shape when Captain Cold tricks Barry into getting him into the containment chamber. Next week The CW will air the episode entitle “Grodd Lives.” Any hardcore Flash fans out there will understand how huge this is. Other than the animated version, which is still super cool, we haven’t yet got to see Grodd in all his glory. That will be changing in exactly seven days. Not that anybody needs it, but just in case, here are a look at some of the stills from the upcoming episode.

So with the inevitable battle between Flash and Reverse-Flash coming sooner and sooner each week, is it to early for Flashpoint? Let us know what you think.


Watch the last three episodes of The Flash Tuesday’s at 8/7c on The CW

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